What Is A Passion Project? & 10 Reasons To Discover Your Passion Project

Are you looking to know what a passion project is? You have reached the right spot.  You will come across with the discussion and top 10 reasons to find your passion project. So let’s begin, you have heard it in your surroundings when friends share and hang out their life news. Passion projects are activities and hobbies people usually say that they want to achieve if they had time to get.

Some sources reveal that to be successful in some areas, you need to remove all the activities that are indirectly associated with your objectives.

But here is an important thing having a passion project is so common among intelligent minds. Such as billionaire Bugged loves to play the ukulele. Albert Einstein played the violin and loved to play it since he was a teenager. Dick Costolo, the Former Twitter CEO, loves to watch bees and makes more money in his leisure time.

When it comes in the comparison to the regular scientists, Nobel Prize winners are “22 times more likely to perform as actors, dancers, or magicians; 12 times more likely to write poetry, plays, or novels; seven times more likely to dabble in arts and crafts; and twice as likely to play an instrument or compose music,” according to organizational psychologist and best-selling author Adam Grant.

“Evidence shows that creative contributions depend on the breadth, not just depth, of our knowledge and experience,” he says.

It highlights the success principle. Instead of concentrating on just a single thing, enabling yourself to discover and nurture your interest on the side can facilitate you to become more complete.

What is a passion project? A passion project is some area you want to work on, usually outside of your selected career path that provides you happiness, and satisfaction and indulges you in the position of flow. It is something, what you do to escape it all, your small or huge contribution to the global.

So how, being the insanely busy personalities we are, would anyone get the opportunity to do this?

If I discuss my personal experience, I struggled with this and still do. I keep very busy with my kids, job, and other daily responsibilities and I always feel that I need some time to start working on my interest area I am passionate about. Additionally, I was wondering that if I start working on my favourite areas then I would stop loving my current career path. It may have the worst influence on my career.

A few days ago, although I was working so diligently at my current job, I could not deny that I usually looked at the clock and longed for the working day to finish. And then I look at it again, at my home waiting for the kid’s bedtime to come and then waiting for the sleeping time. Normally, I used social media, the internet, snacks and coffee as the distraction time to give my brain the dopamine spike that is needed.

I forgot my dream since childhood. I do not have a sense of purpose at that time when waking hours in the morning. And then I met with one of my friends who was completely different to me. She had the same responsibilities just like me, if not more so but she got time to work on her passion project.

She shared that she would usually go into the state of flow when she was busy noting down her interest points. She also shared that this activity energized her and gave her clarity regarding what to do ahead. She told me that one day she will transform her interest into her lavishing career. “What?!” I thought. “How can she have so much energy and time for all of this?” and even more prominently, “How did she even discover this project?”

It may sound like a conspiracy, to say the least, that I initiated my way to become more purposeful with my time and make an effort to work on a passion project. This is why it is important to know that you need to convince yourself before starting your passion project. And why you should validate this point. My opinion is not much expert but my experience is the reason. I have gone through the human body extensively and it seems that there is an important link between determining your objective and your entire health. This concept may not seem like unrelated ideas that are fully intertwined. If you are sceptical, best! You should behave in the same way.

Here are the top 10 reasons to know the benefit of initiating your passion project;

1. You’ll Be Capable To Knock Into Your State Of Flow

A state of flow, in my explanation, is where time remains the same and everything too but what you are working on is a blur. You feel complete and clear concentration. Some athletes associated this as the “zone”, an almost out of life experience. Usually, this occurs at the time of athletic or creative tasks, like mountaineering or writing where you become more experienced, enjoy, hyper-focused and compel immersion. Ever since I came to know about this, I became addicted to determining my flow state.

2. You’ll Reduce Your Stress Levels

Cortical and other stress hormones current days are continuously the “on” for a longer period. One of the fine ways to transform them is to enhance engagement in a pleasurable activity. When you have a low amount of stress hormone and other stress hormones then you do not move in this vicious cycle.

By sparing your time on something like a blog regarding sports, music, eating habits or art, you can transform that swath to the off or least to the past button. Most people correct their stress hormone imbalance by starting to notice enhanced energy and a decrease in their body fat and great well-being.

3. You Can Get Better

How do you feel better about working? When you are getting stress relief from sparing time on your project, you become less dependent on foods to reduce stress. Ever heard of eating sweets after a long tiring and stressful day? It’s due to a craving for good brain chemicals such as dopamine. Go to work to know what a passion project is, and start working on it and it will certainly become your piece of cake.

4. You’ll Be In A Good Mood

Endorphins (basically endogenous or our bodies’ natural morphine) are produced when you indulge yourself by working on what is a passion project. They are similar neurotransmitters accountable for sinners high and also produced at the time of massage or meditation. This occurs even if you don’t get into the state of flow.

5. It Can Facilitate The Rupture Of Your Technology Habit

Inspection of your email, Facebook and Twitter over 20 times a day? Most of us love to put our phones up when someone likes our picture or makes a lovely comment. What if during mini-breaks you were busy working on something you feel productive about? What if you could cut your incoming emails and web checks a couple of times a day and use other spare time to work on something you consider as an answer to your passion project.

6. It Can Assist You To Construct Your Talents

Every person has skills, strengths, interests and talents. Sometimes we lose them with time. So it is important to rediscover this and start working on it. You can start with finding your answer to what is a passion project; normally a closer look at your childhood memories will expose the areas of your interest and talent. Give it a reminder when you go to the library and pick up the books for fun? What type of books did you love to read? What made you unique to look at the globe from different perspectives?

7. You Can Make Your Legacy

Let’s imagine how your life partner, kids and close friends explain you as a personality. They won’t be going to talk about the time you spend on your work, or how much you surf your favourite websites while killing time at work. They would be discussing your talent, skills, expertise and many more from this perspective.

8. You May Discover A Hidden/Alternate/Side Career

You must have known that money is really hard to make but very easy to lose. To have the wrong answer to the question, what is a passion project, can end up in terms of bad investment deals, a house you no longer can afford, anything can be destroyed in current days. Why not start investing in your skills? Let’s suppose you lost your job and had no other option of job opportunities to jump into. What backup do you have to stay would not be nice to have some experience from your passion project to lean on? Yes, it would be.

9. Even If It Doesn’t Transform Into A Business, There Are Astonishing Health Benefits From Voluntary Work

It’s outstanding but there is proof that people who achieve objectives through unpaid work have lower rates of heart disease and death. One of the reviews of the research article found that little work of about a couple of hours a week generated a different number of beneficial impacts that include improved health, mood and satisfaction.

10. It’s My Motivation To Wake Up Early In The Morning!

A sense of objective provides you with the cause to live life to the complete level. Simply put, passion enables our lives to feel more meaningful.

So what if you want to know about a passion project of yours and embark on your passion? Then move forward because you are the single who is aware of what to do. Nobody knows, but once you start, the globe won’t ever be the same.

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