Every time tracking tool that you pick comes with multiple integration and advanced features. However, during this pandemic situation, you need a time tracking software that comes with a to-do list template that can help you organize tasks according to their priority and functionality.

Though before getting one for your remote employees, you need to evaluate your needs that why you need a time tracking software with to-do list template? For a better insight, try to look at the pending tasks you have and how long you need to complete those tasks. And would your team be involved or do you want to outsource few operations.

Once you know why you need a high-end time tracking app with a to-do list template, you need to ensure your work productivity is never at stake. And for that you can try these time tracking tools to monitor your remote workforce within the real-time.

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Do you need a smart time tracking app to manage and view your team’s availability? Well, Everhour’s easy way of data entry offers a nifty integration of project tracking and billable hours. It comes with to-do list template and other intuitive tools that reduces the effort to report the working hours on different projects. You need to go an extra mile with this app? It surely offer excellence and exceptional services. It also provides a way to get a grip on a project by defining budgets. And with an organized set of working hours, the user can generate custom reports and run data by exporting files using the APIs. According to the veterans, Everhour is mostly suitable for organizations looking for project tracking, set budgets and alerts, split billable and non-billable hours. Also, work scheduling and monitoring workload and time-offs.


  • Everhour is pretty flexible and accessible compared to the other time tracking software
  • It offers seamless integrations with leading management software and accounting tools
  • It also offers to-do list template with a check-in and check-out chart
  • Keeps an accurate record of both billable/non-billable hours
  • As a time tracking tool, it monitors timings and report your employee’s progress time-to-time

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Do you need a free time tracking tool that can even generate custom reports for you? If so, then Velocity is all what you need. It simplifies project management and team collaboration. Velocity helps organizations have a detailed graphical report for performance improvisation with its free to-do list template. Along with that, it also enable users to create precise reports with ease. Do you wonder what makes Velocity special is its feature to generate custom reports as per demand. Even its project management tool with to-do list template specializes in top charts and detailed information by allowing the organizations to get a deep insights throughout the process. With this feature, the head authorities can make more informed decisions, provide better estimates, and find opportunities for growth.


  • It has a custom data visualization with fast processing
  • It organize custom reports and to-do list
  • Velocity allows you to generate custom reports
  • It even comes with an email scheduler to stay a notch-up


Outplanr comes with some easy-to-use features that enable the user to keep track of the work and monitor the performance in real-time. It also comes with a to-do list template that let the user compare and evaluate its performance by making sure he get to overcome more challenges. It is a perfect time tracking tool with a to-do list template that efficiently balances teamwork and ensures each member is not overloaded. It mostly caters to ongoing works that can be reiterated, unlike individual projects. And with its simple user interface, Outplanr makes work life easier, turning to-do lists into clear work plans.

Apart from the fact that it complicates multiple user accesses and permissions causes eruption while reporting cases of numerous users, it comes with a few key features. Let’s dive in:


  • It offers quick and easy uploads
  • Provides multiple benefits with risk analysis and issue tracking
  • Allows you to make integrations with Slack, Asana, Outlook, iCalender, Google Calendar, etc.
  • It even comes with a to-do list template

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Toggl is a free time tracking software that has user-friendly features. It comes with handy features that supports multiple integrations. It even has a bunch of tools that you can use to achieve your tasks. It is perfect to support agile teams to adopt challenges and meet technical difficulties. Along with that, it also allows you to set up different tasks and allot them to the team members. Toggl comes with a to-do list template that enables you to maintain your schedule by segregating the priority, requirement and difficulty of a task. If you are looking for a time tracking along with a to-do list template, then Toggl is an appealing and affordable choice to meet your niche requirements.


  • Toggl supports multiple integrations
  • Have a to-do list template
  • It offers calendar integration
  • Provides better functionality and invoicing options
  • Make tasks management easier than ever

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