Freelancers Perspective: How Time Tracking Tool Increasing Productivity of Startups?

Whether you are working as a freelancer or seeking to initiate a new business venture or you’ve been managing a startup for several years, time tracking tool is an effective way of keeping track record and employee monitoring in the startups.

Time Tracking Tool

The success ratio of a startup is based on the time consumed by the employee or freelancer and the number of efforts he or she has been putting in the workplace environment can be directed as a positive output. Without proper time tracking, it seems impossible to know how your team members are spending their precious time and how they are completing the tasks assigned to them. Seemingly, time tracking tool also help you to predominately monitor various tasks when several projects are in progress simultaneously.

Employees working in startups often complain that the use of time tracking tools makes them feel isolated or slows down their progress, but once they get hooked up to the concept, they explore the benefits are not only for their employers’ progress but freelancers as well.

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Effective Time Tracking can be a troublesome situation for any business owner, but with the time tracking tools currently available on the market, keeping precise employee time is far less challenging than other strategic tools to maintain consistency, durability, and reliance across the global marketplace.

Here are three amazing benefits of free time tracking tool, along with prevalent reasons why freelancers and startups should use a project management tool with a time tracking approach to improve your brand identity to the next level.

  1. Improves Time Management

If you are a business owner, reduces business expenses and increases profits is a streamlined approach to maintain a conducive environment in the workplace. When we speak about demonstrating your company’s workflow, time tracking tools make it easier for you to visualize any problems and deficiencies.

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Seemingly, time tracking tool can be programmed to create timesheets to manage schedules which are quite helpful for both freelancers and in-house employees. If you are a business owner, these programs remove the use of traditional attendance systems. According to a recent study of retail and service-specific industry employees with an astonishing 80% of workers admitted to theft of time.

After they have become familiar to them, many employees use automated timesheets because they can be certain they receive accurate payment based on the number of times they are proceeding in the marketplace. This system is especially beneficial for contractual workers or those working in different schedules. Accurate timesheets can be presented by a worker should he or she decided to ask for promotion purposes or an increase in salary and other incentives.

  1. Increases Employee Satisfaction

Using a free online time tracking tool works well for your employees as it helps you to organize their time and allows them to complete one assignment at a particular timeframe instead of shifting from one project to another. It provides clear objectives and makes it flexible for your employees to identify how they should assign their time. Based on the project they are currently working on, they have improved better insights into when they can work on something new, and if they are seeking to reconsider their priorities.

As time tracking software tools are completely lucrative, they give employees the flexibility to perform their work activities without taking continuous pressure of management. Instead of taking stress, they get more enjoyment out of their work standards and have enhanced motivation to proactively complete their tasks on time.

  1. Boosts Employee Productivity

The foremost benefit of employee self-tracking is the ability to grasp your ideas to know how your work activities are being performed productively.  As employees know exactly how much time they are going to consume on each project, if their productivity is less than their colleagues, they are always aware of that fact to put more effort into their productivity in work standards.

At the same time, an employer can recognize the proper cost of a particular project, and accurate tracking of projects through time tracking tool which are completed on the specific time will enable him or her to maintain the cost of upcoming projects. Ranging from initial planning of view, this reduces the danger of your company going over budget and losing money on a particular project.

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