Time Logger- Time Tracking Software Modules

You may have an idea that currently, companies are using smart ways to look for the productivity level of employees. One of the most important tactics is to opt for helpful time tracking software like time logger. Such software is comprised of different amazing functions that help to keep an eye on the activity of the employees on the same screen. In this blog, we will come across the module of work diary that is one of the most significant in most of the world-class time tracking software. Let’s dive into the discussion:

This feature acts as a visual record of the working hours of workers and starts tracking by the desktop app after the users checked in. Work in progress screenshots and an hourly basis activity summary are uploaded to each 10-minute segment in the Work Diary. A worker is supposed to select the project and date to view Work Diary and submit it. Once the user clicks the submit button then the system will allow the user to view total logged-in time, Auto tracked time, Manual time, Checked-in Date, Session Duration, Meeting Duration, and Total Duration.

. User can view screenshots that are saved by the system and the “EYE” icon enables the full-screen view of the screenshot.

. User can delete the screenshot but on the condition, that system will delete that time session as well.

. User can view snapshot taken timings along with the windows activation, Project Name, Description, Start Time, Stop Time, Work duration, and user activity in Percentage.

Work Diary with the perspective of an agency
This tab enables the agency to monitor the worker’s screen by selecting the specific worker’s screenshot session. A screenshot is taken every ten minutes and sessions are stored in the work diary. Agency can track the screenshot of the worker from any given date.
Work diary ensures that work is working on the tasks and it enables the agency and client to track the progress of the project.
A work diary is the heart of a time logger as it enables monitoring and making sure the project is being worked on.

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