Superlative Time Management Apps Of 2022

The human mind is outstanding at producing amazing ideas, not keeping them. Since ancient times, time management apps have been used for task management solutions. From clay tablets, notepads, and spreadsheets to the task of managing apps, It has always been important to keep a clear track of the world.

The beginning of cloud technology has fuelled the instant growth of business software of all types including project/task managing apps. At the time of starting Taskworld back in 2013, it was simple to count the total number of task-managing apps on our fingers. Now there are plenty and loads of them.

If you are the person that is in search to try out the free task managing apps for the initial time and are designed by the alternatives, this article is for you.

Every tool provides the main features of task management, making/ assigning tasks, simple reports, task comments and email notifications.

Here is the list of noticeable 11 free project management tools:

1. Taskworld

While cost-free software can be the best start for any project, as you get involved and scale in various projects, determining a dedicated tool that can be suitable for your needs is worthy of the investment.

With Taskworld task managing apps, you can have 14 days PRO free trial in which you can have the ideal amount of time to view if it’s the best fit for them or not. Then, your account transforms into a nonstop free plan. You will still have access to your most significant stuff, just with the twice limits.

Why is Taskworld not accessible for free?

Task management by itself is not sufficient for advanced teams to collaborate. Depending on incorporation to deal with other problems is not very successful as most integration is half coded. For instance, slack integration does not allow you to smoothly chat and move kanban boards from a similar tab.

That is the reason, it is core to include main aspects of collaboration in a single tool- project/ task management, performance evaluation, team messaging, advanced reports and file management. And that’s the job of Taskworld. It has built-in amazing features. Its pricing begins from $10 per user per month. Sign up for free now!

2. Trello 

One of the primary kanban-based task managing apps, Trello was initially created by Fog Creek Software and is now owned by Atlassian.

For various users, Trello has been their foray into visual task management. It offers a good clean Kanban experience to the user. You can have the free version to an unlimited number of users.

Trello has the least onboarding and instantly draws you inside their applications. You do not need to verify your email to be a user of it. Trello has over 200 integration, even though the free version bounds only one pr board. Trello has inserted the latest integration recently that is known as Butler, which facilitated automated workflow based on personalized commands. It has a range of automation alternatives.

Trello is a simple, good and free task managing app for small teams. It is deficient in some vital task managing features like recurring tasks, assigning checklist items and syncing tasks across different projects.

3. Clickup

It was launched in 2017; ClickUp is an associatively new entrant in the world of task managing apps. It’s a solid all-around task management app. It provides a few essential features in the free version that includes mind maps, Gantt charts and goals. This is more useful for a team who is looking for more features rich free task managers than Trello.

Therefore, it bounds their usage to 100 times. You can have the free version with 10 automation per month, over 50 native integration and time tracking.

One huge limitation of the free version of Click Up is the limitation of file storage of 100MB. This should not be an issue if you are not sharing heavy documents with your team members. But if you share the heavy files frequently then it would be a deal-breaker for your company.

Some of the users consider it feature-rich and interaction a bit overwhelming. Well, once you are past the learning curve, it is one of the strongest free task management tools.

4. Todoist

Todoist originally began as an online to-do list, but in previous years has inserted more features to become a task manager. It may not provide the latest task management app features or Kanban boards like ClickUp and Trello but it is still a useful tool for students, solopreneurs and small teams.

The free plan of Todoist provides famous task managing app features like prioritization, recurring tasks, visual reports and subtasks.

If you are in search of the mobile-first task manager experience then it is amazing to try. Ti also incorporates with different SaaS a tool that includes other task management solutions. It also has interesting features known as Todoist Karma which treats task management by rewarding your points for accomplishing tasks and sustaining your streaks.

5. Meistertask

Produced by MeisterLabs, MeisterTask is a Kanban-based famous task managing app. It’s not as feature-heavy but rather concentrates on its least UI. This creates it famous among users who are the latest task managing apps and tools.

The free version of MeisterTask provides you unlimited users and up to around 3 projects. You also have some easy personalization alternatives and time tracking. Therefore, you have subscribed to its pr paid package latest task management features like checklist items, timeline and permission settings and attachment bounds of more than 20 MB.

Ultimately, MeisterTask is a fresh and trouble-free task manager.

6. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the foremost task management apps. It has been present in the market since the year 2004. Even though most of its decent stuff is part of the Base camp business that is the paid version, its free version still provides great value. That is the reason that BaseCamp is very famous among freelancers, small teams and students.

The free version of Basecamp provides you with the storage of 1GB, 20 users and 3 projects to collaborate on. You have fundamental task management features and also real-time team chat. It has an amazing approach to notification settings where you can classify what time during the week you do not want to be disturbed.

7. Timecamp

Timecamp is a mechanical time tracker that enables its users to access tasks done for free of cost. This application was started by the programmer Kamil Rudnicki in 2009, who is the owner of Time Solution. Teams and freelancers within an organization broadly use it due to its graphical timesheets that present activities that are great for professional B2B organizations.

With Timecamp, you can start tracking the project profitability, team performance and the productivity of the entire person. It has easy user interaction that many users will use in a small period. With these features, this web-based application can accelerate tracing billable, attendance reporting, & invoicing but can be considered with the paid versions of packages. The free versions provide amazing features like the availability of project templates, unlimited users and tasks and single integration.

Bottom Line

No matter if you are in marketing, sales, construction, engineering or design, various ways can be used in task management. It’s vital to evaluate what you will really finish needing it for, but you will be excited when you begin seeing the advantages!

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