Let’s explore the significance of the module- Dashboard

Hey, you are lucky if you are in the zone to experience peak productivity windows, the important thing you do not want to forget is to track your working hours. That is where the time tracking app comes in. Instead of interrupting your innovative flow to keep an eye on the clock or depending on your memory after the fact, the time tracking app like timelogger does all your work automatically.
To enhance the efficiency of the time tracking software, you can connect your app with the other tools. The best time tracking apps offer you the opportunity to create appropriate invoices for clients, see how long dissimilar tasks take to accomplish, and help make sure that a flat-rate project does not cost more money to complete than it brings in. no matter you are using this software to access personal productivity or to streamline your business process, timelogger can do all for you.

In this guide, you will explore the dashboard module of timelogger that is one of the essential parts of time tracking software.

In this feature, users can view records timely like weekly, monthly, and annually in terms of graphs. It allows you to keep an eye on the total spent hours, the total number of projects you are enrolled in, and total clients. It also offers activity logs that represent the Project name, Date, Start time, Stops time, total time, and Active time.  The entire detail assists the admin in determining how much time each resource has spent on that particular task and tracks the check in, checkout period of the worker.
Time logger is the time tracking software established to facilitate businesses and organizations to track the performance and punctuality of workers. It helps as the various platforms which allow effective cooperation between client, agency, worker, and individual worker, and acts as a connection between agency, client, and worker. It provides a hassle-free platform where every user can navigate easily and in a user-friendly environment.


Time logger’s Executive Dashboards allow immediate visual insights into operations, finance, employee

performance, and more. The prime domains are:
. Surface Key Metrics and KPIs
. See Trends and Progress toward Goals
. Visualize Everything

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