How to Use a Time Logger’s Dashboard to Keep Your Team on Track

You may hear that project management is all about juggling: expectations, data, people, resources—you can call it. A project manager needs to know at any given moment that where each ball is, where it should be and where it’s going to Keep your team on track. Especially when you are dealing with the huge budgets, angry developers, tight deadlines and impatient shareholders, it is never easy to do.
It is important to track and measure the ongoing progress in a company to keep Keep your team on track. The project manager needs all the information and he can have it from the dashboard screen in the single view. Let’s discuss how project dashboards can enhance the project outcomes:

What is a dashboard?
Just like the dashboard in your car, the project dashboard provides all the important data and metrics regarding the current phase of the project in a glance. With all the required key performance metrics displayed in one place, project managers can have a clear understanding regarding the triple constraints of budget, time and scope.
When you use timelogger, you will have to decide the kPIs of your project that you want to track and how you want your data to be delivered according to the requirement. Some of the data presentations are:
·         Interactive visualizations
·         Timelines
·         Graphs and charts
·         Text-based lists

Perks of a project dashboard
Project dashboards help you to be more efficient as you can see the continuous performance at a glance. When stakeholders and managers have access to their project’s health, projections and progress, they get major benefits apart of Keep your team on track such as:
·         Superior convenience
·         improved efficiency
·         enhanced accuracy
·         Better communication
·         Credible evidence
It doesn’t mean that the dashboard screen is only for the project manager. All users have access to their timelogger account so they can be acknowledged with the information they are allowed to see. It helps everyone in the company to stay on the same page that enhances communication across individuals and teams. Additionally, with the information available on the glance progress report, team members and leaders do not have to consume much time slogging for disparate data sets, and working on the new reports. They can just download the report that contains all the information within a click.
Hey, why are you wasting your time by using traditional methods when Timelogger is here to facilitate you? Keep your team on track with this amazing project for your business now!

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