How Timelogger is Safeguarding the Healthcare of the Employees?

Today, the use of time management tools & resources are heavily influencing the people working in multinational companies, SME’s & Enterprises. In this regard, employee management and taking care of patients is supposed to be extremely people-intensive. Without the use of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, and therapists, healthcare facilities tempt to face the risk factors of their patients.

These highly skilled professionals earn top wages, so having more amounts of people scheduled than necessary increments of operational costs. Nowadays, there is a widespread of coronavirus (COVID – 19) in many regions of the world. Initially, coronavirus was first isolated in the year 1937 from an infectious bronchitis virus in birds that have the ability to seriously demolish the poultry stocks. These viruses are highly responsible for between 15% and 30% of common colds and medical issues.

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Likewise, the spread of coronavirus has negatively affected the health of the employees working in companies. These circumstances have created a lot of healthcare problems for the employees, such as the absence of employees in companies that have affected time management aspects of the employees. To tackle these cautious circumstances, time tracking software such as Timelogger is helping employees affected with coronavirus to work with productivity from remote locations.

Hence, in this blog, we’ll discuss how Timelogger is safeguarding the healthcare of the employees?

  1. Free Access to Employees

The company is providing free access to time tracking software to the affected areas facing the widespread disease of coronavirus. By using Timelogger, the employees affected with coronavirus can work remotely from the comfort of their home without decreasing the productivity and workflow metrics of the company. This helps companies to safeguard employees from getting infected from diseases such as coronavirus.

  1. Reduces Daily Wages of Employees

Timelogger helps employees facing a huge decrease in the daily wages or monthly decrease in the salary pertaining to the unavailability in the office. By providing remote access of Timelogger for employees to work from home or remote areas tempts to automatically calculate their timeframe. This feature increases productivity at the workplace and offices to manage their time and relevant factors associated with the market segment to promote their work standards.

  1. Boosts Employee’s Productivity

Timelogger effectively manages the track record of every employee. This time tracking software frequently takes screenshots, provides précis data of work hours spent on projects based on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in the form of a detailed report. Seamlessly, Timelogger is a vital resource for employees which provides free service and helps areas highly affected from coronavirus to intimate companies to work remotely, this ensures companies who are using Timelogger to gain best possible responses, productivity, and timely resources to maintain consistency, reliability and effectiveness in the workplace environment.

  1. Enables High Stack Holders to Monitor their Employees Progress

Timelogger allows the higher stack holders to effectively track their employees’ workload from the specifically designed mobile apps that are available online and mobile platforms including iOS and Android that captures live screenshots, and relevant features of maintaining a track record of different projects from the palm of their hands.


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