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If you are looking for a better idea of what your employees are doing throughout the day has led to an increased amount of employee time tracking apps among employers.

Does using employee time tracking apps provide any benefit? And, if so how can you successfully incorporate this technology within your organization? Here’s what you need to know further. It has been estimated that more than 50% of the 239 large corporations measured by Garter admit to using “non-traditional” monitoring techniques to gain better insights into how employees are spending their working hours.

The free time tracking software for employees can have numerous benefits of includes:

  • Boosts Productivity
  • Increased Profitability
  • Improved Project Management
  • Greater Transparency
  • More realistic timeline planning

Seemingly, Business Owners constantly looking to reduce their costs and increases profits and boosts productivity. Using online time tracking software, owners can identify drawbacks, address challenges and examine the workflow of the company in a better and conducive way.

Free Time Tracking Software for Employees:

Here we have listed 3 free time tracking software for employee. Lets have a look at it.


Timelogger is a free time tracking software for employees that improves the productivity of employees by tracking the working hours of every employee. Most of the leading companies, SME’s and enterprises use timelogger to track the working hours of every employee. Many companies use Timelogger to track their employees’ working hours, receive daily reports, and timekeeping. The following are the best features of it:

  • By using Timelogger, the agency can receive employees’ reports regularly and get clear insights about the working hours of each employee.
  • It develops précis data for the agency related to the projects that the employees are working on
  • Timelogger can easily track all the working hours of employees without any roadblocks
  • The daily reports can show the progress of employees and what project they are currently working on
  • Timelogger takes screenshots frequently which helps the agency know about the project status of every employee’s progress.
  • Time-tracking software can boost the productivity of employees and individual time management
  • Employees have to simply log in to use the Timelogger app

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TimeCamp is a cloud-enabled free time tracking software for employees working in corporate companies, SMEs and enterprises. The key features include stopwatch timers, graphical timesheets, the ability to set flexible pricing packages including per project, category, or user, differentiation between billable and non-billable hours, invoicing, reporting, analytics, and monitoring of employees.

TimeCamp’s Free Plan provides access for one user, customer support (i.e. chat, online consultations, and a knowledge base), along with a basic time tracking features. For Example, stopwatch timer and graphical timesheets.

Paid pricing plans and packages provide integrations as well as more progressive features including billable time, project costs, budget estimations, invoice generation, reporting, and employee management.


Toggl is a free time tracking software for employees are specifically for freelancers and teams that can be deployed in the cloud platforms or installed on Mac or Windows OS. The key features consist of a stopwatch timer, irrelevant detection, the capability to set flexible rates (i.e. per project, category, or user), and differentiation between billing and non-billing hours, reporting modules, analytics, and employee monitoring aspects.

Toggle’s free package includes access for up to five users, multiple integrations and core features including time management, user dashboards, and basic reporting modules. The paid pricing plans include multiple integrations and advanced features such as time audits, aptitude to set billing rates, task management, and project time estimates are key features of the Toggle.

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