Free Time Tracking Software for Accountants

Timelogger is a cloud-enabled time tracking system that allows accountants, employees, and projects to collaborate by tracking working hours and monitoring of your project status. This software helps accountants to calculate billable tasks, create invoices, generate reports, manage their time and track their attendance.

The timesheets module of this free time tracking software for accountants, project managers provides a dashboard of working hours and allows automated time tracking of employees and remote workers. In particular, project managers can create multiple sub-tasks in projects and distributes each sub-task to the concerned team. This free time tracking software for accountants assists them to create bills based on their nature of complexity, employees’ assignments and working hours.

Feature of Timelogger

  1. The process of automation collaborated with a project and time management prospects with the use of automatic time tracking prospects.
  2. Monitors billable and non-billable project hours, allows users to generate invoices automatically and uses timesheets.
  3. It can be integrated with over 37 project management tools including Asana, Trello, Podio, Wrike, Basecamp, JIRA, Slack and other tools used for marketing automation.
  4. It provides great reporting and allows you to assign users with various roles and preferences.
  5. Enables you to keep a track record of your peers’ work activities.

The initial package of this free time tracking software for accountants, bankers and other professionals are provided with 30 days free trial period providing you ease to figure out the benefits and drawbacks of the software until you are completely satisfied. Furthermore, Timelogger’s time management feature allows automated tracking of computer and generates the productivity of each employee.

Timelogger integrates with various applications and comes with add-on features for extra functionality and it is priced on a monthly subscription basis on multiple instances. Timelogger also allows us to carefully calculate the overtime and handles a list of presence in the company, along to control the time spent at the computer particularly on the Internet.

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How Timelogger Works?

Timelogger is a free time tracking software for accountants, stakeholders, and employees, it is a downloadable app that can be installed on your computer. It collectively gathers information on the frequently used apps and recently visited websites. After every 5 minutes the program sends the information to the server, where after login, we gain access to thousands of prepared reports that are focused on time spent at the computer.

In such cases, when multiple applications are open, Timelogger actively detects the program which is currently used, we measure only what the user does, not all the applications that are executed would be running properly.

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How Information Is Calculated by Timelogger?

This free time tracking software for accountants and relevant professionals collects only necessary information to keep the professional time and task record solely concerned with the frequently used applications and visited websites. This software does not collect the data that may violate any employee privacy like those transmitted from the input devices such as a keyboard, the draft of the email inbox, and conversations done via internet correspondents.

Is it worth to implement free time tracking software for accountants in organizations?

Certainly, the ROI is undeniable, the statistics show that the installation of free time tracking software such as Timelogger allows employees’ to spend almost 30 minutes per day on activities related to their course of work. This provides real value for the company. For Instance, if a company employs 100 people and one hour of their work costs $20 that statistically, Timelogger may decrease losses from the unproductive use of time by $210.000. This investment cost in this free time tracking software for accountants may be returned after the effective usage of the first months.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, we concluded that Timelogger is great time tracking software for accountants, auditors, financial specialists, consultants, and remote employees. It’s a comprehensive, productive, centralized and integrated system with cost-effective benefits. This free time tracking software for accountants and professionals makes their finances easier and conducive!

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