Lawyers Choice: Free Attorney Time Tracking Software

Seemingly, time tracking software is an essential source to maintain time management and user-engagement prospects for professionals working in financial agencies, banks, hospitals, and law firms. However, you know what makes it an amazing thing? It’s free of cost!

People say that you have to spend bucks to make bucks. However, with free attorney time tracking software, that isn’t always the case. Hence, in this article we have enlisted five great selection choices for free attorney time tracking software, solely geared towards lawyers’ personal choices, constituting of an easy to use timer and integrations with frequently used programs and platforms.

The software platforms listed here were options for the fact that they’re free consists of features often used by lawyers, and provides real knocks without having bucks. Hence, they’ve been arranged in a sorted manner.

  1. Timelogger – Free Attorney time tracking software

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Timelogger is free attorney time tracking software for online time tracking & task management of employees working in startups, SME’s, enterprises, hospitals, banks, and law firms. Using Timelogger maintains a comprehensive track record of employees working hours, as it frequently takes screenshots of your work activities within 5 minutes of the time interval.

The mini package of Timelogger is downloadable for free of cost. It can be used by two or more organizations and it allows time tracking, frequently takes screenshots and improves the efficiency of employees. Furthermore, small, medium and large packages are paid version of this attorney time tracking software, the paid packages consist of advanced features that improve efficiency and boost productivity across the masses.

Get Timelogger for FREE and start tracking now!

  1. RescueTime – Free Attorney time tracking software

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RescueTime is a productivity app and attorney time tracking software aimed to provide you a clear image of how wisely you spend your time. However, it can be used for tracking time for free of cost via desktop or android apps.


Furthermore, the official site says that tracking time away from your computer needs upgrading to the paid version. Hence, if you are lawyers then the free version is sufficient to meet their deadlines. Seemingly, the paid features are nice, they certainly aren’t necessary for their time management aspects.

  1. Toggl – Free Attorney time tracking software

Free Attorney Time Tracking Software Toggle 1024x472

Toggl is a robust free attorney time tracking software that offers online time tracking and reporting services navigating through their website with mobile and desktop apps.


However, the reporting procedure is very comprehensive – such as you might wonder how much time you’ve spent on various activities, Toggl will easily track that record for you, and it’s a great option to identify your productivity skills, as it has free mobile options and integrations for the free version than any other free time tracking software across the marketplace. Toggle offers a wide variety of integrations, in-depth reporting, and multiple timers making it great options to proceed ahead.

  1. AccountSight – Free Attorney time tracking software

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AccountSight is free for one user, and that package allows up to three projects and three clients at a specific timeframe. But the free version still offers unlimited invoicing and tracking concerns, so if that’s all that you need, you’ll have to consider yourself to keep yourself at the track record. The latest reports have estimated that reviewers made certainly commented on how useful these mobile options are in the form of the Android native app and iOS native app. Hence, this feature isn’t listed on AccountSight’s website or mentioned in any user reviews just QuickBooks, albeit if you’re running a small firm or solo practice that might be all you need to execute your business aspects. Hence, if you need higher mobile functionality and operation on very small scale clients, AccountSight could be a helpful resource to manage your resources.

Are you project manager? Here we have crafted 5 ENTHRALLING FREE PROJECT TIME TRACKING APP FOR PROJECT MANAGERS be sure to read it.

  1. actiTime – Free Attorney time tracking software

Free Attorney Time Tracking Software Actitime 1024x474

actiTime is an online project management and time tracking software that allows users to track your time, register leaves and add comments in a weekly schedule of time. Teams are rapidly becoming more productive and businesses run better when users can get a clear picture of when and where your time and money are spent. The downloadable version of the software is free up to five users, actiTIME is appropriate for a small business firm looking to leverage employee scheduling, and efficiency of attorney time tracking for freelancers for multiple cases.

Have you ever wondered why time tracking and scheduling don’t get shattered altogether? Ask no longer, if you’ve got a startup and want to use software then here is free attorney time tracking software that ensures the overall working time of employees in the law firm, actiTime would be a helpful choice.

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