Clockify Vs. Timelogger: Comparison Based Article

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What Is Clockify?

Clockify is an exceptional timer and time tracker app that allows teams enhance their efficiency. You may not find much difference in clockify vs timelogger, The time tracker and time sheet functionalities help your team members to track the working hours throughout different projects.

  • Clockify mainly offer smile and easy time management features that facilitates your to keep an eye on attendance as well.
  • Other prime features of Clockify include:
  • Get a comprehensive breakdown of the total time spent by any employee.
  • Keep track of project progress and budget.
  • Create invoices for the tracked time.
  • Combine with a range of third-party apps to modernize your workflow.

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What Is Timelogger?

Timelogger is a cloud-based time tracking tool appropriate for small businesses or any service provider. The key focus of Timelogger is not only time tracking functionalities but also the productivity management features.

With timelogger, you can:

  • Recognize what team members are spending most of their time on.
  • Generate invoices as timelogger can sort out hours as billable and non-billable.
  • Simply manage projects with timeline forecast, budgets, and alerts.
  • Evaluate your payroll to your billable to monitor profitability.

Clockify Vs Timelogger: Detailed Comparison

While both Clockify and Timelogger are primarily time tracking apps, their features move away slightly.

To make things clearer, here’s a comprehensive comparison between the two tools in terms of time tracking:

Time Tracking

Time tracking is the main functionality of both the software and they are great at what they do.

Here’s an earlier look at how these two tools differ in time tracking:

A. Clockify

Clockify allows you manually track time using a stopwatch.

How does it work?

Click the software’s “Start” button to create the timer and click “Stop” when you’re done with your work. You can even add or edit hours manually.

Furthermore, you can see the tracked time on a timeline and spot any particular hour as billable for invoicing.

  • Clockify also facilitates you sustain employee timesheets.
  • You can use the timesheets feature to:
  • Add time for the selected activity.
  • Enter notes to any activity.
  • Observe total time per activity/day.
  • Keep timesheets as templates to rapidly load activities every week.

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B. Timelogger

  • With timelogger, you are allowed to track time manually and automatically.
  • If you want to track time manually, press the “Start” icon and the timer starts tracking time. Enter on the “Stop” icon when you wish to pause.
  • Timelogger also offers an auto-tracker.
  • This automatic time tracking feature will be trigger when you open a particular program or type definite words. You can alter these triggers within the app.

Immediate Recap

clockify vs timeloggerà clockify can only track time manually, while timelogger can track time both manually and automatically. You are required to be clear triggers to use Timelogger automatic mode.


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