Best Time Tracking Software for your workforce

Being a startup you may want to get peak productivity of your employees. There are different ways to follow for that, one of the best ways is to track the working hours. For that you need the time tracking app, instead of interrupting your creative flow to track the clock or depending on your memory, the time tracking software can do all for you. The best time tracking app helps you to make accurate invoices for clients, to make sure that the flat-rate project is not costing more money, and to see how long different tasks take to accomplish.
In this blog, you will come across 5 of the best time tracking apps after considering many for businesses. But before that, let’s discuss that what makes great time tracking software:
The good time tracking software allows you to invoice more accurately than assuming that time once the task is accomplished. It is essential to have a greater level of accuracy that makes trust for your clients, too, but it also boosts the business. When you know how to utilize your time effectively, you become smarter to take decisions in the end.
You should follow some criteria when evaluating the best time tracking apps that we considered:
Accurate time tracking
The time tracking apps allow you to track the real-time activities that mean, it helps you to have a running clock that you launch at the time of initiating the activity and you can stop when you want.
The capability to edit time tracked or adds time manually. The good time tracking apps allow you appropriate time tracked after the fact, like if you forget to stop the app at the time of leaving for lunch then you can deduct that time horizon from the timeline in the future. The app should be able to have editing options to add time or block of time posts.
The most excellent time tracking app allows you to view reports and dashboards that help you to break out daily, weekly, or monthly time spend per person, client and project.
The option to make an invoice or export data
After you get the summary of all the time spends on your work, you can take some actions. These entire apps allow you automatically make invoices from eh time tracking data saved in the app or export that information into CSVs, Google Sheet, or PDFs to share with the relevant people.
.Here is the list of best time tracking software we find the best:
.  Timelogger for the best free time tracking app
.  Toggl Track for a free time tracking app
.  Harvest for tracking hours and expenses in teams
.  Everhour for viewing and managing team availability
.  HourStack for visualizing time differently

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