7 Common Scheduling Issues Your Company May Be Facing

The fact is undeniable that it’s difficult to find great employees. Once you hire the best employee for you the other thing is to lose them and hire new ones. This process is expensive and takes time and impacts the work of the company. There are multiple reasons that employees quit their job, one of them is the scheduling issue. This is among the top reasons for employees leaving the company.

If you are also coming across such challenges, then you need to identify them to solve them. It will help you to understand the wants of the employees. For that you need to know all the scheduling issues existing in your company at this moment:

1. Not Sufficient Employees

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It’s difficult to know what the other day will bring. For example, in a Construction Company, you get a call from the side for something important, for which you send your employee and it raises an unexpected issue. Now in this situation, you have not enough employees scheduled than required to accomplish the job on time. It is one of the noticeable scheduling issues.

Or you can come across an unexpected influx of customers due to a large event happening in town and you do not know how to schedule the retail staff. No matter the nature of the industry, understaffing is one of the major customer services, not just for team morale but also for the customer experience and sales.

2. Over Scheduling

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On the other hand, assigning too many houses for an employee will cause tension in an employee and can lead to quitting the job. It is one of the noticeable scheduling issues. You need to maximize the scheduled routine so that all the employees get the hours they want while limiting overtime and burnout.

3. Inequitable Scheduling

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Even though we have the appropriate work schedule laws in particular industries to prevent burnout and unfair scheduling issues. But not all industries require particular time off or schedule breaks, it depends on the nature of the business. It is one of the noticeable scheduling issues. It depends on the business owner to schedule the proper work time for the employees.

It’s difficult to find the appropriate guidelines to follow. But make sure to be more consistent and fair with shifts and work schedules so that employees can’t be questioned by the employer regarding unfair things.

A Workforce article explains predictive scheduling in the following way:

“The laws generally require larger employers in the retail, fast food, hospitality, and other service industries to give hourly workers some amount of advance notice of shifts and shift changes — typically seven to 14 days.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the laws may direct employers to offer additional hours to existing part-time employees before hiring new help or guarantee new employees the minimum hours they were promised when they were hired.

Some laws also direct employers to pay employees extra for last-minute schedule changes. In addition to paying back wages, laws may direct employers that fail to comply to also pay fines and in some cases damages.”

4. No Official Schedule

It may sound like a obvious one, if you are not indulging in your business for so long then you may be dependent on the same system because you started. If you are using a pad of paper and pen to deal with scheduling issues easier than it’s unofficial. There are plenty of electronic programs that help you to create a schedule easier so you can go for it.

5. Sick Days And Unanticipated Absences

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Usual scheduling challenges occur when an employee requires taking time off. For instance, if your employee gets sick or goes somewhere while they are at work and they leave to pick up their child from school. That’s how the work gets affected and leads to mismanagement in the schedule. It is one of the noticeable scheduling issues. For such issues, you plan the particular number of sick days and shuffled in shifts so that you can be a fair manager at the time of personal issues.

6. Planned Time Off

Crucial Factors To Have In Mind When Planning To Request For Time Off From Work

You should understand that no one can work without any break, as every person needs to have a vacation or a personal day. But the problem is how to work these days to continue working operations smoothly. You need to have a proper plan to be fair with the employees and continue the operations properly.

7. Staff Turnover

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Your priority is to prevent employee turnover as much as possible.  Unfortunately, people come across circumstances that are out of your control so you need to deal with such problems too. It is one of the noticeable scheduling issues. Therefore, this makes big scheduling issues when your employee leaves and you have no alternative available.

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