6 Promising Team Building Activities For Work Your Coworkers Would Love

“Team building” is not a new term; you must have encountered it years ago. Perhaps when you were studying in elementary school and you were supposed to perform an activity in a team such as solving a puzzle, which was the initial time for team building activities for work. Or at camp when your bunk was aimed at accomplishing a group scavenger hunt. And also, you may have indulged in team-building activities or played some games like icebreakers in the workplace too.

While team building activities for work can get a bad rap, like in some mandatory pictures of HR, everyone looks miserable and no one wants to go with each other for this activity. That is why it is important to have the right types of team-building exercises that can bring people closer to each other, facilitate teams’ work more efficiently, and recognize gaps and strengths in individual members.

Why Team Building Activities For Work Are Significant

Regardless of offering up a creative and fun alternative to bonding over a happy time that makes people not have feelings of being left out, team-building activities offer employees and companies various added perks.

At the fundamental level, team building provides people to know the different aspects of each other like their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and the way to communicate among other things. According to Muse career coach Al Dea, “Just like any professional sports team works and practices with one another to be at their best, teams at work can and should do the same thing,” and just like you cannot go to the field to the t4eam that has no clue who is playing what level, who is going to the ball to whom and who is the expert at managing XYZ situation, you cannot attain anything if your team members do not know each other.

Team building activities for work also establish trust and comprise which is one of the most essential elements of a successful team.

“Building a sense of trust amongst teammates [allows] people [to] bring the full power of their skills, personalities, and who they are to work,” says Dea. “When people don’t have the confidence to do that, they hold back, thus sometimes limiting their abilities to be at their best.”

Finally, team building activities for work can assist remind people that work is never just regarding them, it’s about the whole group. When you are interested in doing something together, instead of doing it alone, it helps to give life to the idea that group success should be the top priority; ultimately that is the company’s success. This can be a particularly useful learning experience for overly competitive teams, struggle with teamwork, or lack unity and confidence due to the hard times and bad managers.

So what do these exercises look like? Check out some of our favorites:

Activities Of Team Building To Do During The Meeting

Indeed, team building should not be necessarily a full-day affair. Bringing out 20 minutes of the first half of your next group meeting can be sufficient to enhance teamwork and innovation.

1. Resolve A Puzzle

This activity will help you to be closer to the team member as it can be a literal puzzle. Such as a puzzle of 500 piece set or a brain teaser that needs brainstorming and thinking out loud. Toss one out to the team and if you have overly ambitious feelings, grant them the time limit to accomplish the task. The primary way is that everyone has to contribute to the achievement of the project.

Once they complete and time starts running out, take out a moment to reflect on the experience. Ask your team about the strategy to solve it, why performed what part in the activity, and why the decision has been made for you. Enabling everyone to think via their process may highlight differentiated perspectives or empowers each individual or at least lead to an astonishing conversation.

2. Count To 20 Game

This activity is great and super simple if you want to make the bonding of a couple of minutes.

You are supposed to have everyone sit in the circle. Any team member can start the count off or say a number for any team. The objective is to count from one to 20. Therefore, if two people come up with the same number at the same time, the count starts over. This activity needs team members not only to be mindful of the group dynamic but to work together with limited communication to get it to the ending point.

3. Go For A Compliment Circle

There are multiple variations you can take on this to empower your team to present appreciation for one another. The first option available to you is a simple spare five minutes having one person compliment another, whatever the idea pops up in their mind regarding the other person. Being the manager, you should begin to get the ball rolling. This can be simple and easy just saying that “I wanted to tell John, I loved his project this week” or “huge shoutout to Nike for bringing up the donuts last week when we were all stuck in meeting the important deadline” or you can go surround and have all the person to treat the coworker to their right so that every individual get the chance to be brightened.

4. Host A Brainstorming Session

Team building is beneficial to the moment being work focused and frequent times that is the best type. The prime is to make these brainstorming meetings less about each day’s passing achievements and more regarding the bigger team objectives. Perhaps you want to outline your KPIs for the rest of the quarter. Perhaps you may want to hash out some innovative ideas for an upcoming campaign. Or it may make your strategy feel stale and you are in search of methods to refresh it. No matter, what your aim is, try to organize your conversation in a better way, use one of these recommendations:

An idea board: the easiest way of brainstorming is to give the entire person an agenda ahead of time, and come to the meeting with three to five ideas. Communicate through them and have people participate in further thoughts, concerns, or questions.

First to five: in this approach, all the persons in the meeting are supposed to brainstorm the solution to the specific problem, and then go through them individually by holding up a fist with several fingers till five. A fist means that you are not on board and five fingers refer to an amazing idea. Then have everyone state their situation as to why they selected the fingers they chose.

5. Follow The “Show And Tell”

This can be an amazing way to get your team to drag a little bit regarding their accomplishments and to motivate them to stay updated regarding what every person is doing. This activity can be done on a small scale too. If you are a member of a small team of two or three, spare some minutes in a week or once a month to highlight something and get together for the project each member is doing. Allow people to ask questions, offer up positive feedback and provide recommendations to enhance the results. This is one of the best ways to improve the person’s performance regarding their specific work.

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6. Share Your Personality

Conduct a personality test for everyone on your team, then sit together and discuss the filled information. What you are supposed to do in this term depends on you, the best way to have an easy employee understand the weaknesses, ticks, and strengths of their colleagues. Perhaps your group alike personalities together and have them talk regarding how their characteristics come out in the workplace or have them accomplish an assignment such as designing their “perfect’ office based on their personality and sharing it with the other people. It allows people to know each other more closely.

Hopefully, you found the above-discussed team-building activities for work helpful!

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