4 Proven Strategies For How To Perk Up The Team Communication Quality

How do you perceive communication? It is divided into a couple of main parts.

  1. Presenting ideas in a way that can be easily understandable by people
  2. Open to understanding the ideas presented by other people to you

When working in a team as a lead, then it depends on you and the team communication strategies to follow to make sure that both you and your team members do these two things smoothly. You can have the set standards for every person, then ensure that your team members have the tools they are required to fulfill those predefined standards.

Keep an eye on your existing team structure and policies, when you provide the ideal environment for your team members, it becomes much easier to make positive changes.

In this article, you will come across the 4 proven team communication strategies to enhance better team communication. Let’s dive into the discussion:

1. Describe Your Company Culture And Communication Policy

Before you find out the ideal team communication strategies for you, it is a good idea to have a clear understanding of your culture. Your way of communication is strongly influenced by the type of team you are.

Indeed, it is difficult to define the culture of your company. Begin with the thinking of it as the behavior and beliefs that your organization shares. For instance, if employees want to work a half-day on Fridays then they can work late hours during the week. It is one of the parts of your culture.

While evaluating the culture of your company, you may find that you want to make some updates. Find out what values are more important to your team members. Make sure to have the majority of the mentioned points in your team communication strategies:

  • Self-expression
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Teamwork and teamwork
  • Commitment to the company’s long term goals
  • Healthy work-life balance
  • Outstanding productivity and performance

Your Values Decide How You Should Communicate As A Team

A company that powerfully values extensiveness must consider how they can motivate their introverted and important employees to be a part of the conversation. One of the team communication strategies is, They may make anonymous feedback channels believe in smaller teams, and provide training to their leaders to gradually step in when one person leads a discussion.

Organizations that have a strong value on work-life balance should place limitations on communication other than the normal working hours.

You should have a clear understanding of when and how teams should be gathered to work on things if you place a serious emphasis on teamwork.

Find out the real cultural beliefs and then you can go do make your communication manifesto.

What Is A Communication Manifesto?

Are you still wondering, what is the communication manifesto? It is the document that describes the way of communication of your teams. It answers the queries like:

  • What tools are there in your organization to share particular kinds of information?
  • When the employer is allowed to distract someone to share information or ask questions?
  • How instantly the response should be made?
  • How should you use the private and public channels to discuss work-related matters?
  • Who should be in or out of the conversation and how should it be?

It may seem like loads of things, but having a clear understanding of these points allows your team to communicate way more efficiently. The final objective is to ensure that everyone has all the important information they are supposed to have without being buried under the irrelevant chatter they are not required to be in.

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2. Recognize Your Team’s Communication Barriers

It is not something strange as every business has a unique set of challenges that makes it difficult to communiqué. We already discussed the culture. Here are some of the different things that can make it difficult to communicate and to consider in your team communication strategies:

Remote Work

No matter whether your organization is completely remote or you just have some people working offsite, communication with remote staff takes additional effort. You go through the same challenges if you handle people in different offices.

If you combine both mediums of working remote or in-house work, you might require being less reliant on meetings. Here is the common scenario for organizations working with partial employees:

The manager has exciting news to share with all the employees. She wants to communicate this news face to face so she wants all the meetings to be present at the same time.

She makes the meeting link and shares it with the entire remote team member to see at the same time. All the in-house employees are presented here and call everyone to the meeting room. When the meeting starts, the manager addresses her points by using the whiteboard to illustrate the points to address the people. But the remote working teams do not understand the points clearly because they are unable to see the board and listen to the clear voice.

The ultimate result is that the people in the office can have a clear understanding but the remote workers do not get the appropriate point.

Not the solution to this problem is to update the tool used for communication.


Understanding is a huge part of communication. Keep in mind a couple of important parts of communication as already mentioned above.  But it is normal to have occasional misunderstandings if you often find that you say the specific thing that your team perceives as another, so this is the major problem that is the underlying issue.

There may be cultural or language barriers. You may need to work in the way that you give appropriate instruction for projects and tasks in team communication strategies. Nonverbal signs like the tone of voice and body language may send different messages.

Make sure to get to the root of misunderstanding by asking multiple questions.

Be focused on your tone here, if you sound harsh or accusatory and give the impression that your employees are not working properly, then they will prefer to be defensive instead of helpful. Ensure that your pursuit to improve is rather focused on the wrong thing done by your team.

It is helpful to try phrasing your questions like this:

“I am trying to be clearer about the instructions, and I would love to help. Can you please share what I said when I gave the project to do work in this way?”

It is also important to check the understanding level of your team members before the person starts working and you start making team communication strategies. Do not forget to ask your team members to repeat back what they got from your description of the instructional in their own words.

Information Bottlenecks

For most of the team, all the decisions are made by the poss. There is only the sole personality who has the information of all the facts and that person owns all the huge decisions of the company. If you are working in the same culture, keep an eye on the information bottleneck.

In an atmosphere where one person has all the information then the person needs to be available all the time to every person to explain the important issues. Other people are unable to perform their jobs until they do not get a clear answer from the boss.

It normally happens accidentally.

Being a startup, it is simple for your small team to bring ideas with questions. Most people are on the same stage. Every person is aware of the end goal. If they are not completely certain regarding the decision, it is much easier to run it by yourself first. You do not get time to write down things like the core values, company mission, procedure, etc as your team starts to grow. The more bid your team becomes; the fewer people can be on the same page as team communication strategies.

When you realize that you are the only person contributing information, soon you will see that you are explaining the same thing again and again to different people. Rather than get things done, you spend most of your time treating questions so that other people can do your work.

There is an easy solution: writing all the things down. Allow your team members to answer their concerns by themselves.

Begin with creating process documentation regarding whatever your team wants more frequently.

If there is one side of your business that is instantly expanding and you spend loads of time on the training and onboarding process, start there. Make process documents for all the important and repetitive job responsibilities and make the proper checklist for the onboarding process.

One more thing, making your document library is a huge undertaking but it is worthy enough for team communication strategies. Your invested time now will allow your team to become more independent and effective for the betterment of your business.

3. Follow The Exemplary Leading Method

To make sure your team communicates in a better way, you have to become the best communicator first and come up with the guaranteed team communication strategies. Get ready to keep working on your communication skills for your amazing future.

Well, you do not need to be perfect at everything, make a goal for gradual improvement by following team communication strategies and take these amazing steps to see the appropriate example for your team.

Consider The Great Communication An Objective

Add your team to the process. Tell them that ideal communication should be the top priority and make sure to share ideas about team communication strategies to cater to problems they have observed. When you execute their ideas, it enhances the motivation level of your team members as it portrays the image that you care about their input. It also pursues that you are sensitive regarding solving their issue.

Take Feedback Elegantly

You need to be a good communicator with honesty. You cannot expect honesty from your team members if there is tough feedback and poor criticism as it is one of the best team communication strategies. If this is the problem for you, the initial thing you should do is admit that to your team. Confess and behave honestly regarding something that you are working on.

Being open to owning your weakness in front of your team can be embarrassing. But do not worry as it will not impact your authority. Trust us; your team can see your weaknesses. Being honest regarding your shortcomings portrays that your team members are aware of it and you are working hard to cater to this problem with the best team communication strategies in case of communication problems.

Make Meetings More Successful

You may come across as an actress when you come out of a meeting with a more confusing concept. Keep in mind that meetings should be effective and short. At the time of scheduling the meeting, you are certain that nobody in the meeting can use that specific time for other productive work. So make sure that the outcome is worthy enough to sacrifice the time.

Indeed, meetings are the best way to share information with loads of people. Instead of filling up a slack channel, or responding to long emails, make a quick call and cater things immediately within minutes.

4. Make An Investment In Team Communication Strategies/Technologies

Face-to-face communication is significant, but it has some challenges:

Human memory is not ideal. The more details you convey verbally, the more likely to have in mind that some of them will be forgotten.

The people presented in the meeting can be aware of what was discussed and with whom. As there is no record you cannot reference the information you discussed at that time. You cannot depend completely on in-person conversations and meetings to keep your mind updated. That is the reason that team communication strategies and technologies are so important.

Being a startup you may be selective in terms of team communication strategies and tools your team members are supposed to use because of limited information. Indeed, it is not possible to make your team great communicators after sharing a new piece of software. Therefore, your team cannot communicate well if they do not have the right tools to use.

These are the things you are supposed to cover in the fundamentals:

  • Team chat software
  • Chat software like Slack is significant because of the reasons:
  • It makes a record of what was shared between the teams
  • It is not difficult to share files
  • You can easily catch up with the people who can are not here in the office from the distance
  • You can organize conversation by the topic or team so that you can always choose the right people for the right discussion
  • Everyone can include in the conversation despite their physical location
  • People can command no matter whether or not they are available to interruptions by transforming notifications off or on.
  • The first logical step is to set up the best team chat software to treat the basic challenges of face-to-face communication.

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