3 Must-Have Productivity Tools to Increase Sales

It has been observed that sales productivity is immensely increasing in the industry where sales teams need to respond quickly to the requirements of both predictions and customer entitlements.

Unfortunately, only 30% of a sales reputation day is dedicated to core selling aspects. Primarily, we have gathered 3 best-selling time tracking software and productive tools to assist your sales organization to boost productivity that leads towards increased efficiency and sales funnel.

These tools are not ranked in any specific time focused on importance or functionality, but they have been categorized by the sales function we think they would be more resourceful and useful to maintain consistency and reliability across the masses.

  1. LevelEleven

LevelEleven is an optimal sales performance platform and time tracking software that assists organizations to increase the productivity of their sales teams with real-time visibility aspects into everyday performance metrics.

The prospective solution defines the key aspects of sales behaviors and keeps sales teams on track with daily, weekly and monthly goals and concerns with the assistance of time tracking software and daily tasks.


  • Provides sales reputation with tailored analytics, historical perspective, and collaborative comparisons and performance insights.
  • Build productive campaigns to boost team productivity and entitles themselves to devise initiatives.
  • Improve collaborative and competitive analysis with leadership bounds with productive concepts and entitlements.
  • Leverages real-time sales information to gain business insights into the leading sales funnel.
  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Seemingly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a resource-oriented powerful suite of business solutions and time tracking software that strives to help organizations to induce technology and allows marketing and sales to work better entitlement together. These productivity tools and techniques enable you to integrate seamlessly with business apps to improve sales and professional productivity and time tracking resources.


  • This tool enables you to integrate with Office 365.
  • It allows you to increase sale efficiencies with a cost-driven process-driven user experience to promote users.
  • Use real-time customers and competitive intelligence, interactive dashboards, and sales reports to promote context-oriented guidelines and drive strategic decision-making strategies.
  • Improves engagement tactics with multi-segmented, triggered programs that provide tailored content entitlements.
  • Maintains workflow parameters along with your team and adapt to other departments.
  1. Sellsy

Sellsy is an overview of complete sales management prospective solutions that effectively integrate CRM, ERP and E-commerce platforms. It improves productivity and time management aspects by aligning business functions into a single user interface that is specifically scattered among various tools and software solutions.


  • It allows you to stay organized with a resource-oriented time tracking software and task management tool and technologies.
  • Promote a mutual work environment with internal live chats, discussion, and meetings.
  • It quickly sends sales documents with insightful document generating software.
  • It helps you to envision your pipeline and manages an updated view of your business concerns.


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