3 Best Time Tracking Apps Available In 2022

Are you looking for the new best time tracking apps 2022? If yes, then you have come to the perfect place.

Perhaps your team is still considering paper time cards or other complicated ways to track work hours and you are in search of a more automated time tracking solution. Or maybe your current time tracking app is not among the best time tracking apps 2022.

According to our research, the best time tracking apps 2022:

  1. Allows you visibility regarding what your team does at the workplace
  2. Allows you to have a clear understanding regarding the usage of work hours
  3. Enhance accountability
  4. Make automation of repetitive tasks like processing payroll and timesheet
  5. Present you the appropriate usage of resources effectively and efficiently

In this article, you will come across the details on the best time tracking apps 2022. You can consider this result to have the best time tracker with the right interface, features, and price for your team.

Best Time Tracking Apps Of 2022

1.       Hubstaff

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Hubstaff is an amazing time tracking app for all types of organizations that includes large teams.  It’s best suited for remote workers as it gives visibility to view what your whole team is working on at any given moment.

Based on your requirements, it can be used only as trouble-free best time tracking apps 2022 to record project and work hours, but it can turn into a more automatic and robust time tracking solution with strong productivity monitoring capabilities, also.

For field and mobile teams, Hubstaff offers to have information regarding location-based time tracking that allows you to clock employees in and out automatically.

Who Is It For?

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Those who are in search of the best time tracking apps 2022 for remote teams to track time and enhance productivity

Field teams that want to simplify payroll, remove buddy punching and importantly track time

Freelancers that are looking for a perfect solution to bill their clients more transparently

What Makes Hubstaff Unique?

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Following are the features that help Hubstaff stand out from the same solutions:

User friendly– No matter if your team has never used a time tracking tool in their professional life, they would find it very easy to use. Hubstaff is simple enough even for the non tetchiest employees

Mechanized time tracking –you can set idle timeout limits, apply the scheduled reminders to track time, and have automatically generated timesheets containing work activities of users.

Flexibility – It’s appropriate for a lot of unlike teams because it’s easy, flexible, and simply powerful

GPS tracking – it can use location to auto-start and stop the timer for the employees on the go.

Superior features –Hubstaff gives you much more unlike other time trackers such as invoicing, scheduling


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You can have a free plan of Hubstaff If you are a single user as it includes timesheets, limited payment, and time tracking features. If you want more features and users, you can have various attractive paid plans, all of them support unlimited users:

  • Starter ($7/user/month)
  • Pro ($10/user/month)
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing available upon request)

You can also avail the free trial of two weeks to check out the software for your needs.

Try Hubstaff free

2.       Timelogger

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Timelogger is one of the top software you can count on in the list of the best time tracking apps 2022; it allows management to keep an eye on the activities of the workers. You can have overviews of the hours worked and projects that are currently in progress. It allows you to assign tasks and communicate them with the usage of this app.

The timelogger has extensions for both Firefox and chrome, and you can download it on your devices for best usage of this best time tracking apps 2022. It captures screenshots of the user’s screen to have an eye on the activity of the employees during working hours.

Timelogger is best to track overtime, time offs, and breaks also. It is best to approve timesheets with ease and perform an audit of timesheets.

The other key features include the astonishing dashboard, detailed reports, and the ability to export time tracking data in PDF format.

Based on your requirements, you can use it as a simple time tracking app to record work activity, hours, and projects but it is much more than that. It is one of the best time tracking apps in 2022 and an automatic time tracking solution with amazing features.

Who Is It For?Who Is It For 01

  • Architects
  • Graphic designers
  • Freelancers
  • Remote teams

What Makes This Tool Different?


A unique feature of the app is the Pace Board, which shows a monthly overview of scheduled hours and how many hours are tracked for each team member.

Use this feature to compare performance across your team and identify missing hours of unaccounted time.

Tracking Time also includes project management tools such as task dependencies, project budgets, due dates, and task prioritization.


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Timelogger has a free plan with great features that is limited to two users. Then the paid plan starts with the upgraded features and more users.

Try timelogger for free

3. Timely

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Timely helps you to track time appropriately and makes timesheets automatically. It records either the apps used during the working hours or the time used by the worker. The user does not need to start or stop the timer to keep track of the work. Rather, the app tracks in the background automatically and makes detailed timesheets by itself. The user is supposed to review the tracked information and make changes as needed. Timely makes branded and customized reports that can be shared with the stakeholders by using a private URL. This feature is amazing for firms that do client work.

Who Is It For?

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  • Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Remote teams

What Makes This Tool Unique?


The most different fact of this tool in this list is that it tracks time atomically. You do not need to check-in or check out with the timer. It can also produce timesheets mechanically depending on-time entries. The application uses Artificial intelligence technology to view work habits. It automatically handles your time by task. Theoretically, the app should enhance over time as it gets to know about your hobbies.

Yes, it is possible to correct any mistakes made by this manually, your corrections enable it to do better next time.


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You can use the two weeks free trial to test out the software. After that, you are supposed to go towards paid plans that include:

  • Starter ($10/user/month)
  • Premium ($18/user/month)
  • Unlimited ($26/user/month)

To try, click here

In The Nutshell

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In this article, we have compared the best time tracking software in 2022 in detail. All of them have free plans; you can avail the free available time to find the best one for your needs. These all software has advanced features such as GPS tracking, screenshot monitoring, and what not. Hope you will find this comparison very helpful while choosing the best time tracking software in 2022.

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