12 Fun Employee Meeting Ideas To Improve Employee Enthusiasm

Staff meetings are important, but they do not have to be regular standups of all-hands meetings to be valuable. You can develop business and life skills via even the most outstanding and fun meetings.

Let’s jump into some amazing team meeting ideas that will assist you to turn your regular meetings into something additional special.

8 Super Fun Team Meeting Ideas

Are you planning to host something completely different to break things up or recognize the advanced way of working? If yes, then you are at the best place. Take a look at these team meeting ideas filled with fun activities to try as an alternative to your casual staff meeting.

1. Themed Party

Plan a themed event party to take your other team meeting to the next level. No matter, whether your team wants to organize the 80’s theme party, it can be an amazing way to bring people to the same place and relax.

Take the opinion of all your team members to know what kind of themed party they would enjoy, then be creative and come up with some remarkable ideas. It is the best strategy for both in-person and virtual events.  Or there is also the chance of low-key or sending your staff a box of decorations, drinks, and snacks to bring the event to life.

2. Innovation Session

For something similar to your regular team meeting ideas, you can try hosting a brainstorming session or hackathon. Bring all your employees together to handle a challenge or bring ideas to assist you with the ultimate business objectives.

An innovative team meeting ideas session is the best combination between a team-building exercise and a productive meeting. It’s an opportunity for people to work on skills like creativity, leadership and collaboration at the same time as having fun. You can handle this in the conference room or schedule a zoom meeting call for your employees working remotely.

3. Virtual Cheerful Hour

After finishing the workday task, it’s time to relax and rest. Send an invitation to your staff to join you for the virtual cheerful hour to celebrate their attainments and look forward to an even better month or year further on.

This is one of the best virtual team-building exercises fully clad as a party. People can be aware of each other in a more casual atmosphere, with no pressure on their activities. You can opt for Hoppier to host your virtual happy hour more easily and send virtual credit cards to your team members so that they can purchase orders or ingredients as per their desired beverages.

4. Virtual Game Night

Various hidden things about the game night really motivate the sense of collaboration, teamwork and just having fun together. If it’s been some time since your last event, schedule the virtual night so anyone can engage in some gracious rivalry and see who appears out on top.

What is best about the virtual game night is you can personalize it to your employees. Ask them what they would adore playing and if there are any online games they will be over demoing to others. You could even transform it into a little tournament with prizes such as Hoppier virtual cards.

5. Lunch And Learn

Events are good that are both fun and practical and lunch and learning is one of the great out there. Rather than eating lunch single at their desks, bring your employees together for in-house or virtual classes where they are aware while they each.

This can be an amazing way to recognize your employees to the latest concept or provide them with some training on the latest software. You could also utilize it as an opportunity to hide prime topics such as diversity, wellness, and creativity. It’s an ideal blend of fun and productivity.

6. Virtual Escape Area

Problem-solving is exceptional expertise to have and gratefully there are some exciting ways to enhance it. Enable your team member’s loss in the virtual escape room and how much time it takes them to smash out.

There are several great virtual escape rooms out there that you appoint your staff members into. If you are the big group, then break your group into smaller ones and establish some competition to see which group can use their interest and expertise to enable it first.

7. Movie And Popcorn Night

Provide your employees with the eventual cosy non-meeting with the movie night. Select the genre of the file by getting everyone to vote that they want to watch together, then come up with the movie alternate that you think they will enjoy.

For in-house working employees, turn your office into the final movie hangout space, or make something exciting in an outdoor space. If you are conducting the remote movie night, invite all the people to the video call and mail out the box of supplies to facilitate them making the real experience at home.

8. Virtual Coffee Meets Up

Many times you just require a casual place to converse, come closer to each other, and bring what could be your outstanding idea yet. Ensure to gather your remote team together to do the virtual coffee date where the objective is to catch up, relax and get a well-earned break from work.

In this much busy schedule, having a designed break like this can be the best way to facilitate your employees to stay refreshed, motivated and productive. If you can set the virtual coffee date on the daily event in your company calendar so people establish a positive habit around it.

8 Exciting Team Meeting Ideas For Activities To Make Your Regular Staff Meeting

Conducting a virtual event is super amazing, but you cannot make every team meeting idea an adventure via an escape room or the virtual cocktail event. Following are the ways to take something funny and bring it to your common meeting agenda, for more fun, getting an engaging experience for everyone.

1. Show And Tell

For an amusing way to go into your meeting. Attempt the instant round of show and tell. Inquire your team members to take turns to get up and show something vital to them.

Motivate people to be as creative as they can be and use this as a chance to share more of themselves. Photos of family members, pets, Lego models and many more are all fair game. This is the best way to determine more about the people you work with, prior you move on to the rest of your objective.

2. Caption Contest

You must have a handful of people in your organization that just adore coming up with something witty to say. Provide them with the space to make that occur with this best icebreaker game.

Get an image that provides your team members full of room to get costly and share it with the group beforehand for these people to appear with team meeting ideas, or on the data for their insta captions. Initiate this as an exciting addition to your weekly staff meeting or being an icebreaker for the virtual retreat.

3. Play “Would You Be Fair?”

There’s the cause of icebreaker questions to be famous as a way to get to know each other. These pro-fire inquiries offer you a way to determine something interesting, without getting too much space on your objective.

Insert the instant of the famous party game “would you rather?” to your team meeting to view what you figure out. Keep the concerns relaxed and prevent anything too confrontational, and utilize it as the option to discover someone’s travel, food, or hobby priorities.

4. Best Surroundings Contest

Begin your staff meeting with small fun, the best, and the great backdrop contest. Most remote work backgrounds are frequently just blank walls or favourite books on the shelf but this is great for people to switch things up.

Offer your team members an appreciative action and motivate them to jazz up their workstations before another meeting. They can either use the virtual background or decorate their actual backdrop for a really exciting impact. To assist them to make something great, drive them a Hoppier virtual credit card to expend on supplies.

5. Estimate The Location

Get your virtual meeting somewhere latest entirely with the orotund or a couple of the location guessing games. Get the Geoguessr right now and see if you can work as a team together to find out where in the globe you are.

This will work well as an introductory icebreaker or team development game, or as a chance to sign off your ending point of the week stand-up meeting. If your team members adore it you can even set up the problems to see who is the most authentic guesser out of all of you.

Are you looking for taking things forward, take a look at the Timelogger website or get the amazing tools and conduct virtual events? It’s packed with suggestions from event experts not eh amazing tech to facilitate your design team meeting ideas that have a strong impact.




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