10 Warning Signs You’re In A Toxic Work Environment

A toxic work environment is a workplace where an antagonistic, negative, or bullying environment is prevailing. Living in a toxic environment can be very disturbing and damaging for a person. This article includes ten signs that are indicators of a toxic work environment. In this article, an elaboration is given on these ten points and along with the ways you can find them in a work environment.

It is normal for you to have tiring Mondays, long weeks, and challenging months. That is how work is. That is the nature acquired by any career. But you know what, you can overcome the tiring Mondays, make it through the long weeks and face the challenges offered by the work. It is quite normal as almost every working career is like this. This type of environment is not regarded as a toxic work environment.

A toxic work environment means that there is no break for these challenges as if they are on repeat. Such an environment is extremely toxic, bullying, and antagonistic with negative feelings prevailing in the atmosphere. It can be having an extremely aggressive boss, receiving inappropriate or bad comments from your colleagues, and even worse situations like seriously disturbing your private or normal life.

They can take away your needed sleep time and even the conversation with your loved ones. In short, toxic workplaces do not only stay at the offices but can also accompany you to your home.

Working in a toxic workplace can be very damaging for you as it can lead to depression, stress, and damage to your self-esteem or self-respect.

If you are here to find out whether you are also a part of a toxic work environment or not, so let’s just dive into this article that provides you with ten signs or indicators of a toxic work environment.

10 Signs You’re in a Toxic Workplace

The following ten signs are the indicators for you to ponder over your current workplace and if any of these are prevailing in your workplace, then it is the right time for you to shift to a healthier workplace.

1.    A Toxic Workplace May Have Poor Communication

Communication is a must or required element for the success of any workplace as many problems are solved by smooth communication.

Lack of adequate communication or insufficient communication can be the root cause of many unhealthy problems in the work environment.

A workplace having very little or almost no communication is considered to be very toxic. Lack of communication between employee and employer or employee and employee-only increases the toxicity of the workplace.

So, now we know that bad communication is the leading factor in a toxic workplace. But how will you know that there is bad communication in your workplace?

  • It can be constant clarity issues regarding the projects
  • Not conveying the proper instructions to the employees
  • Different employees are receiving different messages and different instructions from their employers
  • Strong passive-aggressive communication in the workplace
  • Poor listening skills of the employees and the employers

These are the possible indicators that indicate that there is bad communication prevailing in the workplace. So if any of these are present in the environment then it means you are working in a toxic environment with no or bad communication.

2.    A Toxic Workplace May Have Cliques, Exclusion + Gossipy Behavior

Cliques, exclusion, or gossipy behavior is the chit-chatting or gossiping done by a group of people. Most of the time these gossip groups exclude a person. This type of behavior makes the person feel alienated or excluded.

If such behavior is prevailing in a workplace then it is very harmful and damaging to the work environment. Such behavior leads to a toxic work environment. It is good to be friendly at the workplace and be friends with coworkers but clique behavior should be avoided.

So how to know that there is a clique behavior prevailing in your workplace?

  • Having workplace bullies
  • Having exclusionary groups is just for gossiping or spreading rumors
  • A feeling of being excluded or not invited
  • Handing big or important projects just to a specific group ignoring the fact of experience or talent
  • Noticing that a particular group is just always gossiping and rarely working

To sum up, it is necessary to avoid cliques and avoid coworkers that always gossip. The workplace is not a place to gossip or chit-chat over rumors. So if you recognize any such clique behavior, it’s a red flag for you to leave that work and move to a healthier one.


3.    A Toxic Workplace May Have Bad Leadership

Most of the time employees leave the job for no other reason but because of a bad boss. Bad leadership exhibited by the boss can increase the turnover rate of employees leading to a toxic environment.

Good leadership is a very important element needed in a workplace. Bad leadership negatively impacts the employees and the workplace as a whole.

Most of the time a bad boss can be because he had a bad boss himself. And this hierarchy goes on from generation to generation and from boss to boss.

There can be different types of bosses that you may have.

A micromanaging boss who always ignores your opinions and decisions corrects you and makes it difficult for you to do your job properly.

A blamer boss who is always blaming his mistakes on the employees and never accepting his mistakes.

A no-respect boss who is very disrespectful and barely bothers to think of as a human being. Such bosses always disrespect and humiliate you for no reason.

There can be many similar types of bosses as well but the main thing is that such work environments or workplaces are toxic for you to work in.

4. A Toxic Workplace Likely Has Unmotivated Coworkers

Another major sign of a toxic workplace is that is full of unmotivated coworkers. In such a situation, it will be very hard for you to work. Because it can influence your motivation and dedication as well.

There can be two possible situations caused because of the unmotivated workers

First, you will feel that you are the only person who is taking on the work on his/her shoulders, with the others having no motivation and interest.

Second, you can also get demotivate by working in such an environment. There are high chances that you also become a part of that unmotivated coworker’s group.

Having unmotivated coworkers can significantly impact you and your working situation. Motivated coworkers lead to a successful and healthy work environment while unmotivated coworkers have very little or no interest in the goals and ambitions of the organization. A situation like this can make it undesirable and not preferred by the workplace itself.

This situation is a major red flag for you. Having unmotivated coworkers can be big trouble for you. So it’s time for you to think.

5. A Toxic Workplace May Have Stifled Growth

One of the major signs of a toxic work environment is its stunted or stifled growth. If a workplace is experiencing stifled growth then there are high possibilities of that work being toxic.

A workplace having stifled growth is surely having some sort of toxicity in it. Working in such a type of environment makes you feel like you are working endlessly without rest and no outputs or results are coming from it. It will make you feel that all your efforts are going in vain and you are working hard uselessly.

Such a situation is an indicator for you to move out of such a workplace because such a place will take you to nowhere and you will only end up losing your patience and motivation.

6. A Toxic Workplace Likely Has Rapid Employee Turnover

For an employee, it is very difficult to leave his or her job. A stable workplace has a low turnover rate of employees. If there is a high turnover rate prevailing in the workplace then it indicates that the workplace is toxic and unhealthy.

So if many employees are leaving the organization or workplace, then there is something wrong with the organization. The toxicity of a workplace can be indicated by the rapid turnover rate of the employees.

Employees are the core of any workplace so employee retention is one of the most important aspects of any workplace.

A rapid turnover rate means that there is some sort of disorganization, poor leadership, lack of adequate direction, and mismanagement within the organization.

It is a very bad situation for both the employees working and the organization as a whole. Such a workplace may have a bad reputation.

If you are working in such a workplace where there is a high turnover rate of employees, then it can be a sign for you to ponder over and search for a healthier workplace.

7. A Toxic Workplace Often Has No Work-Life Balance

If you are working for someone or an organization it does not mean that you don’t have a private life or you shouldn’t have a life apart from work

Any work should not be that much engaging that it snatches away all your personal life and invades your private life.Work-life balance is very important for an individual. It maintains stability and provides individuals with the freedom that they deserve. You should be able to spend time with your family, friends, or loved ones.You should be able to enjoy the vacations that you deserve.

It’s a major indicator when you are always required to answer calls and emails even on your off days and vacations. If you are working in such an environment then you should seriously think about shifting to a better place as work-life balance is very important for your physical and mental peace and stability.

8. A Toxic Workplace Leaves You Battling Burnout

Workplace burnout is an important concern that is also highlighted by the World Health Organization. It is a condition or a state where the mental state of the employees is damaged due to work stress and exhaustion caused due to the burden of work.

So if your workplace is always adding extra work and burden over you and giving you additional stress and tension then it is surely toxic for you. Your workplace should not give you extra stress and must not damage your mental health.

Now, it is your task that you should detect and understand if such a situation is prevailing in your workplace. If you are facing any type of workplace burnout then it’s a high time you should think about changing your existing workplace.

9. A Toxic Work Environment Has Little Or No Forward Movement

This is a major problem faced by workers. A toxic work environment is having very little or almost no forward movement. No matter how bad the situation is there should always be a forward approach or forward movement.

It is an alarming signal for you to ponder that if you are working hard and giving it all to your work and still you are not able to muster a good word to describe your job, then probably there are chances of toxicity prevailing in your workplace. This kind of thing prevents us from moving forward.

So to conclude, it’s a red flag for you and you must take this sign as an indicator to shift to a workplace where you can prosper as an individual having a career. Now is the right time you should quit your job.

10. A Toxic Work Environment Triggers A Gut Feeling

It is not a myth but a possibility that gut feelings or intuitions of a person can be true most of the time and they can provide guidance.

For instance, if your gut feeling is telling you that the workplace you are working in is bad then there are chances for it to be bad. There can be many signs like you may have anxiety, depression, or mental and physical health suffering. These signs may indicate that your gut feeling is telling you or maybe giving you a hint that there is something wrong with your workplace.

You should trust your intuition or gut. if you don’t go with it, then at least take a second opinion from your friends or family.

So these are the ten signs that indicate the toxicity of a workplace. By taking help from this article you can figure out whether your workplace is toxic or not. This article will help you and provide you with adequate guidance.

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